Whether you need a slight adjustment to your ring, a completely new shank or a new diamond, our top goldsmith, based in Hatton garden, London, can carry out even the biggest of jobs for a very reasonable price. We do need to see the item to give an accurate price for the job but whatever you need, if it can be done to a good standard, we ensure a good quality repair/alteration for a good price and turnaround time. Here is a list of just a few jobs we carry out every week;
. Ring sizing’s (Adding gold instead of stretching the ring)
. Diamond and coloured gemstone replacement
. Re-tipping claws and re-setting gemstones
. Replacing worn rings with a brand new shank
. Re-rhodium white gold rings (Also known as dipping)
. Replacing worn/broken clasps with brand new fitting’s (can be done in store on the day in some cases)

and much, much more.

Please note, we do not carry out watch repairs or batteries.

We also carry out other services which include;

  • Valuations for insurance on items that are over 10 years old. This is done for a fee of £25 plus 1.5% of the final value of the item. We will need to have the item for 1 week in order to complete a thorough valuation for the item.
  • Valuations for Probate on items of jewellery not including, watches and sovereigns and other coins. This is done for a fee of £30 plus 3% of the final value of the item. We will need to have the item for 1-2 weeks in order to complete a thorough valuation for the item.
  • A cleaning and polishing service. We use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean gold, platinum, palladium and diamond rings. This provides a thorough clean of your jewellery and ensures that your rings come back looking close to new. This cannot be done in store and would take a maximum time period of 1 week. Emerald rings cannot go in the ultrasonic cleaner, these can be cleaned by hand in store.
  • We also clean silver jewellery. This is done by dipping the jewellery into silver cleaner and does not involve the ultrasonic cleaner. This can be done in store within minutes.
  • Commission sales are available within Jeffries. To put an item in our window for commission, it will cost 25% of the overall value. You will be charged after the item has been sold. Prior to putting the item in the window, we will value the item and discuss the pricing with you directly. It is important to note that items can be in the second hand window for months before they are sold. However, they could also be in the window days or weeks before it is sold.